cropped-12186851_10153145419682036_8705580379008443771_o.jpgI have been thinking about writing a blog for a long while now. The idea started when I was assigned to carry out a fieldwork (data collection) in Korea for a month back in August 2015. I thought I’d document my work in a form of a blog. Turned out life there has always been busy. But I kept my diary (we researchers call it field note) everyday during my stay there. When I came home, I was still busy with other on going projects and life basically. Trying to balance time spent working, being with family, pursuing my hobbies (yoga and reading… no not really… mostly drinking haha) etc.

But the idea of writing (other things than my research work) keeps coming back and forth especially when I was having a hard time figuring out about what I want to do with my life (midlife crisis much?) I never got around to do it until today, when I realized I have been having this account since 2011!! (2011!! seriously?!)

I guess I will write about my travelling experiences mostly. I was just talking to one of my best friends and realized that over the past 2 years, I have done so much travelling that people who are not close to me thought I don’t have a full time job anymore (hahaha) I have taken about 15 trips since 2014. I guess I might share about some of those trips in my later blogs (Switzerland, Venice, Turkey, and Seoul are definitely on the top of my must-share list)

Anyway, I have so much to do (work-wise) yet I’m refusing to get them done and spending time here instead (I hope my boss is not reading this). I should probably come back later (before I got fired or something)

So yeah it was nice to finally kick this thing off!

Until next time


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