The new Friday

20150828_213305It is finally Friday! And we are all hyped about it because it’s the last work day of the week (bummer if you have to work on the weekends) and the city is not going to sleep until it has to (or does it ever have to sleep at all?!)

It is hard to concentrate at work when it is Friday (the only reason I go to work on Friday is because of the Friday Guru magazine’s horoscope haha). You’re checking to see if anyone of your friends is planning a party or if there are any hip events in town. I’ve never been so excited about Friday until the past few years. It was a strict tradition that we MUST go out on Friday. Or else you feel like you’ve missed out – looking at your facebook and IG news feed while watching drama (actually more like the fun talk show hosted by our beloved PM uncle Prayut) on TV at home.

Going out on Friday has been a must for me until recently. I’ve realized Friday is not the best day to go out (for me) anymore for the following main reasons.

a) The traffic. OMG! THE BKK TRAFFIC! It is the worst on Friday night especially if it is the end of the month Friday. Two hours or more on the road when it is supposed to be a 30 minute journey (bonus point if you stuck in a taxi and the meter keeps running and your driver complains how bad it is like you don’t already know). Nightmare.

b) It is too crowded. People! Everywhere! Restaurants are packed with diners. If you do not have a reservation, wait forever or go to KFC before you starve yourself to death or kill someone out of being hangry (so hungry you’ve become angry). The club too is so packed you literally have no space to stand let alone dance (and all the sweaty bodies accidentally touch your skin – ewww)

c) Take a and b together and we have… A jam-packed public transportation that stuck in traffic! Forever! Worst of the worst nightmare (Yes I take public transportation because I’m that environmental conscious… Not because I’m broke. Not because of that. No. Really. Seriously.)

Recently I’ve been going out on other days of the week instead of Friday and I found it is so much less of a hassle for all the opposites of the reasons why Friday is not the best day to go out plus the followings.

a) Restaurants normally offer promotional price or discounts on other weekdays. And since it tends to be less crowded, you won’t be annoyed with the waiters mix up or miss some of your orders (unless they still do, then no tip for them).  You have their full attention and you dine like a group of hungry princesses. It is less likely that you will go hangry and turn into Hulk on them.

b) Many bars have ladies night on weekdays. Need I say more? Free drinks!! (unlucky for you if you’re a guy and reading this :p)

That’s being said, I’m not going out today. I’ll just stay home and watch my beloved uncle Prayut talk show. And nope, I will not have that FOMO because really.. sweaty bodies at a club and being hangry are not really my thing. But if you are into that, have fun.

Stay out of trouble, kiddo!
– Me



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