You know you have a crush on someone when…

13147790_10153532154547036_1065589137042198182_oYou feel this bitter sweet combination of happiness and sadness. It’s like your heart was going to explode just thinking about that person. You remember all the details and (over) analyze every word he says and every little action of his.You re-read those cute texts from him over and over again. And every little thing reminds you of him. It makes you jump and spin around and smile like a crazy person.
But then there is this small fear, this little voice inside of your head, telling you to quit. Because there is a chance you might get hurt again. So you’re like stuck in this roller coaster of emotion.
But that’s the point of falling for someone. You actually like that excitement. All the ups and downs. You might be surprised and probably too afraid to admit that you actually enjoy the ride. And it might be too late to get off it now…

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